Name: Noel Thomas David Gallagher

     Nickname: The Chief
     When he was a kid he was called Breshnev (then Russian President) because
     of his bushy eyebrows. He was also called Gallagher the Biscuit because
     his mother worked at a biscuit factory and would bring home bags of them
     from work.

     Date of Birth: May 29th 1967

     Hair color: Brown

     Eye Color: Blue

     Height: 5'7"

     Role: Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals

     Place of Birth: Longsight, Manchester, UK

     Education: St Robert's Infant School in Longsight (1971), St. Bernard's

     Primary in Burnage (1972) and St Mark's Secondary in Didsbury (1978).

     Family: Mother Peggy born Margaret Sweeney January 30th 1943 in       Swinford,

     Ireland. Peggy married Noel's father, Tommy Gallagher who was born in
     Duleek, Meath, Ireland, on March 27, 1965.

     Noel's brother Paul Anthony was born first (nicknamed Bod for his burly
     size) on January 11, 1966. Noel's younger brother William John (nicknamed
     Liam) was born on September 21, 1972.

     In April 1984, Peggy took her three boys and left Tommy who is an
     alcoholic known for his violent mood swings. Noel has not had any contact
     with his father since then.

     Marriage:  Noel had planned to secretly wed girlfriend Meg Matthews on
     Valentine's Day in 1997. He figured that the media would be focused on his
     flashier brother Liam's pending nuptials, and would therefore leave him
     alone. But after Liam called his wedding off at the last minute, Noel
     decided to nix his as well. Unlike Liam's large affair, however, Noel had
     planned a quiet ceremony aboard a barge in North London, and had invited
     only a handful of friends.

     Apparently deciding a quiet wedding in the UK would be impossible, they
     exchanged wedding vows at the Little Chapel of The West in Las Vegas,
     Nevada, USA on June 5th 1997.

     Their first child, a daughter named Anais, was born at London's exclusive
     Portland Clinic on January 27, 2000, weighing in at a healthy 7lb 6oz. She
     is named after Anais Nin, the controversial French erotic writer, Meg's
     favorite author.

     Vices:Becks beer and Benson & Hedges cigarettes

     Favorite Beatles Song: Ticket to Ride

     Favorite Beatles Album: The Beatles - Revolver and The White Album

     Favorite Bands: The Beatles; Paul Weller; U2; The Who

     Favorite Oasis Song: The Masterplan

     Favorite Movies: Star Wars; Pulp Fiction; The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

     Favorite Football Team: Manchester City

       Noel suffers from dyslexia.