Name: William John Paul Gallagher

     Nickname: Our Kid
     As a child, he was called "Peggy's Shadow" because he clung close to his

     Hair Color: Brown

     Eye Color: Blue

     Height: 5'9" - 5'10"

     Date of Birth: September 21, 1972

     Birthplace: Longsight, Manchester, England

     Role: Lead Vocals, Tambourine

     Education: Completed his primary education at St Bernard's Primary in
     Burnage in 1977 and worked on his secondary education at St Mark's
     Secondary/Barlow High in Didsbury, leaving in 1983 without a degree.
     Family: Mother Peggy born Margaret Sweeney January 30th 1943 in Swinford,

     Ireland. Peggy married Liam's father, Tommy Gallagher who was born in
     Duleek, Meath, Ireland, on March 27, 1965.

     Liam's two brothers Paul Anthony were born first (nicknamed Bod for his
     burly size) on January 11, 1966 and Noel Thomas was born May 29, 1967.

     In April 1984, Peggy took her three boys and left Tommy who is an
     alcoholic known for his violent mood swings. Liam has not had any
     voluntary contact with his father since then. However, his father - with
     the help of a British tabloid - attempted a reunion of sorts by showing up
     one night at 4:30 in the morning at the Westbury Hotel in Dublin. Liam
     didn't want to have anything to do with him and showed it by taking a
     swing at him and the two began brawling.

      Marriage: Liam Gallagher and Patsy Kensit fell in love at first sight in
     December 1995 when the singer romantically overturned a table in a
     Manchester hotel bar. At the time, Kensit's marriage to ex-Simple Minds
     front man Jim Kerr was faltering, and the couple soon announced their
     divorce, which became final in October 1996. After several well-publicized
     spats, Gallagher and Kensit kissed and made up, acquired matching tattoos,
     and moved in together last May. Before summer was up, the lovebirds were
     engaged and sporting custom-made rings -- Kensit's features a
     doorknob-sized diamond. A wrench was thrown into the wedding plans,
     however, when Gallagher was arrested for cocaine possession in November,
     but he was cleared of the charges in early January, and the knot-tying
     jumped back on track.

     After scrapping lavish wedding plans because of media intrusion, Liam and
     wife Patsy Kensit exchanged vows in a secret ceremony at a London registry
     office on April 7, 1997. Patsy has a son from her marriage with Kerr. Liam
     and Patsy's first child, a son named Lennon Francis, was born September
     13, 1999, and is, of course, named after John Lennon.

     Musical Influence: John Lennon and Johnny Rotten. "They're my singers,
     man," says Liam. "If I can get anywhere between the two of them, that's
     what makes Liam Gallagher."

     Favourite Book: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

     Favourite Beatles song: "Across the Universe"

     Favourite Films: Star Wars, Trainspotting

     Favourite Bands/Artists: The Beatles, Sex Pistols, Cast, Stone Roses,
     Rolling Stones.

     Favourite Football Team: Manchester City

       Many people don't know that Liam can play the guitar, the violin and the
       Liam's unblinking onstage stare, while extremely intimidating, is
       actually the result of his severe shortsightedness.
       Around the time when Liam was 19, he hooked up with an old school buddy
       named Paul "Guigsy" McGuigan, who had a band that needed a vocalist.
       Liam joined and changed the name of the band to Rain.