Name: Alan White

     Nickname: Whitey

     Date of Birth: May 26, 1972

     Hair Color: Brown

     Eye Color: Brown

     Height: 5'9"

     Role: Drums & Percussion. He replaced original drummer Tony McCarroll,        who  was sacked in 1995.

     First Band: Star Club (reformed under the name Paint)
     Place of Birth: Eltham, South London

     Family: two brothers Paul and Steve, a percussionist who has played in
     Paul Weller's band for many years.

     Marriage: Alan met his wife, American Liz Atkins, while filming the video
     for "Don't Look Back in Anger". Liz was one of the models hired to lounge
     around in the background.

     They exchanged wedding vows on August 13, 1997 at the Studley Priory Hotel
     in Oxfordshire, England. They currently live near his childhood home of
     Blackheath, South London.