Nickname: Gem.
     He got his nickname, he says, because his last name is Archer and there
     used to be a footballer named Archie Gemmill. He was nine at the time and
     the name just stuck.

    the G in gem is said like the G in Game not like like Geri

     Role: Current guitarist in Oasis. He replaced Paul "Bonehead" Arthurs who
     quit in August 1999.

     Previous Band: He was guitarist in the band Heavy Stereo

       His favorite Oasis song is Shakermaker. "To me it's the essence of what
       Oasis is about," he enthuses.
       Both he and bass player Andy Bell are vegetarians.
       Gem has said that if he could have one superhuman power it would be to

       When asked what cartoon character Gem was most like, Noel said Scooby

       Because he had no part in writing or recording Oasis' new album Standing
       on the Shoulder of Giants. Gem will earn nothing from the royalties.
       Instead, he'll be paid as a touring guitarist only -- making about $130
       (£85) a day.