Todays News - Updated Friday, August 11, 2000

OASIS star Noel Gallagher and stunning wife Meg Matthews lap up the sun at their Spanish retreat - in full view of delighted fans.

Their £2.6million villa is set on a main road on the holiday isle of Ibiza, and their pool and terrace can easily be seen from a nearby layby.

Dozens of fans have turned up to watch, take pictures or shoot videos as bare-chested Noel and topless Meg try to unwind. One tourist said: "I was really surprised - you can see just about everything. Meg often looks up and gives us a wave. She doesn't seem to mind at all. But normally Noel just gives us a scowl. I've taken loads of pictures of them. They will be great holiday souvenirs."

Meg, 34, jetted out at the end of May to the pad the couple bought last year. Hubby Noel, 33, flew over on a £129 Go flight this week. He took 53-year-old mum Peggy, who will help babysit the couple's seven-month-old daughter Anais.

Noel left brother Liam, 27, and ducked out of their band's European tour to take a summer break with his family. But the reformed hell-raiser looked bored and grumpy.

One club owner said: "When we heard Noel was here for the summer, everyone was expecting fun and madness. But so far no one has spotted them out and about at all. If he's given all that stuff up, maybe the island is not really for him." -- THE SUN

James Kenward © 2000