COURTNEY LOVE, BOBBY GILLESPIE, FINLEY QUAYE and CLASH legend JOE STRUMMER were amongst the stars who turned out for former CREATION boss ALAN MCGEE's 40th birthday bash at NOTTING HILL ARTS CENTRE in LONDON last night (August 9).

However, Oasis, McGee's most famous and successful signings to Creation, were absent despite the fact that a week before (August 2) Liam Gallagher had enjoyed the company of Courtney Love at the Radiofour club (hosted by McGee's new Internet based label Poptones) in the same venue.

Last night Love seemed happy instead to mingle with everyone else, stopping frequently to chat to McGee, who contentedly spent the night behind the decks spinning everything from New York Dolls and Iggy Pop to Motown. --NME

LIAM GALLAGHER has shrugged off rumours that OASIS are to split after their last scheduled gig of 2000 - the LEEDS leg of the CARLING WEEKEND FESTIVAL on August 27.

Following Liam’s drunken performance and onstage row with brother Noel at their recent Wembley Stadium show, many feared the end was in sight for the band.

Speaking exclusively to before the band’s performance at Edinburgh Murrayfield Stadium last week (July 29), Liam claimed that everything was business as usual for Oasis.

He said: "Things like that happen. It’s always been like that. I'd had a couple of lagers and that's that. The main thing is that it rocked. There were 75,000 people there who were pissed and I was one of them."

When we asked if the Leeds Carling Weekend headline appearance was to be Oasis’ last ever show, Gallagher said: "If people are saying that then they'll just have to wait and see what happens when it happens. If it's the last one, you'll know about it soon enough. But it's not."

Since the Wembley shows, Gallagher has featured heavily in the national tabloids, being romantically linked with All Saints’ Nicole Appleton, model Rachel Hunter and most recently, Courtney Love. However, Gallagher claims that he is "serious" about Appleton. -- NME

Liam Gallagher has dismissed rumours that his band are to split up, following his recent public arguments with his big brother Noel.

Oasis’ sell-out Wembley Stadium shows last month were characterised by onstage slanging matches between the two brothers, and Liam Gallagher’s erratic performances on the band’s European tour have led to speculation that the Manchester band will call it a day following their last scheduled gig of the summer at the Carling Weekend Festival at Leeds on August 27.

Asked by NME if the Leeds show will be Oasis’ final gig, the vocalist said: “If people are saying that then they’ll just have to wait and see what happened when it happens. If it’s the last one you’ll know about it soon enough. But it’s not.”

Discussing the band’s volatile Wembley shows, Gallagher said simply: “Things like that happen. I’d had a couple of lagers and that’s that. The main thing is that it rocked. There were 75,000 people there who were pissed and I was one of them.” --music365

A gang who attacked a teenager before Oasis's latest Scottish concert were not English as had originally been suspected, say police. The 17-year-old youth was left with a serious head injury and remains in hospital after he was attacked by the gang of up to 15 people wearing English football strips before the concert in Edinburgh on Saturday July 29.

Police said the hunt for the attackers had shifted from England to Glasgow after witnesses to the attack were re-interviewed.

"There was a bit of confusion initially because some of them were wearing English club strips, but we now know that they had Glasgow accents," said a spokeswoman for Lothian and Border Police.

The attackers included two women in their early twenties, five men in their late twenties and two in their early twenties.

The victim is thought to have been standing in a group of Oasis fans around a Union Jack flag when words were exchanged between the two groups and fighting broke out. There is no suggestion the teenager, from the Easterhouse area of Glasgow, was in any way involved, police said.

One of the gang of attackers had stripped to the waist during the fight and was described as having a distinctive tattoo of two Irish tricolour flags on his shoulder, leading police to investigate the possibility the attackers were Celtic supporters.

The gang had gone on the rampage through the grounds of Donaldson's College, situated near the Murrayfield stadium venue, at about 6.15pm on the day of the concert.

One of the victim's companions was cut on the mouth as the group, one of whom wore an England shirt and another a Manchester United top, indiscriminately hit out at people who were gathered on the college front lawn. --  yahoo news

IT took just 13 words for Liam Gallagher to declare his love for All Saints singer Nicole Appleton. The Oasis star rang me out of the blue and, in his typical blunt style, laid to rest claims that their fling is a flash in the pan.

Liam phoned from Spain on the band's tour to insist: "I am in a serious relationship with Nicole and it's going very well."

He was worried that rumours linking him to Rachel Hunter and Courtney Love could ruin things between him and Nic. The Sun revealed two weeks ago how the pair got together following Liam's split with Patsy Kensit.

Nicole's friends say the beauty is head over heels in love with the wildman singer and can't keep her hands off him. Now she knows for sure the feeling is mutual. One pal added: "Nicole's not viewing this as a casual thing, and she thinks there is a real future for them."

An Oasis spokesman confirmed the couple were very much an item. He said: "Liam has spoken following untrue speculation about his private life and the seriousness of his relationship with Nicole. He is very angry about it and is keen to distance himself from lies that he is seeing other women."

Liam rang me from the Benicassim festival, on the Costa Del Azahar. They are doing another gig in Budapest, Hungary, tonight before shows in Denmark, and Spain again.

Noel, partying with wife Meg and Fatboy Slim in Ibiza at the weekend, then joins them for festivals in Reading, Glasgow and Leeds.

Meanwhile, former Oasis guitarist Bonehead doesn't seem to have got over quitting the band in August last year. He played an impromptu version of Live Forever with a local band while out drinking in Dublin. --THE SUN

WE HEAR Patsy Kensit and monkey boy Liam Gallagher are arguing over who gets what furniture from the home they shared. Patsy is apparently incensed that her estranged husband has gone off with one of her wardrobes - and, ever the gent, the Oasis bad boy is refusing to hand it back. We wait for money to be mentioned. --  the Mirror

OASIS were forced to quit the stage early at yet another European festival last night (August 6), after drummer ALAN WHITE was hit by a rock thrown from the crowd.

According to reports from the Sudvest Festival, 180km south of Lisbon in Portugal, the band were pelted with bottles and rocks from a minority at the front of the 35,000-strong crowd, behaviour which a spokesperson for Oasis‘ management has condemned as "utterly deplorable" and "thuggish".

The band were in the last half-hour of their set at the festival when it became apparent that they were in danger of being hit by missiles. Liam warned the audience to stop, and then walked off. An appeal from organisers to the audience to stop was ignored and in fact, according to one eyewitness, "prompted thefront rows to enthusiastically throw even more stuff at the stage".

A spokesperson for the band’s management said: "This kind of behaviour is utterly deplorable. Had the rock hit Alan in the face he could have been very seriously hurt. It is regrettable that once again a small group of idiots have ruined a great night for the majority of fans."

The statement also claimed that press reports after the Paleo Festival near Geneva last week - where the band had to leave the stage early after being pelted with bottles and cans - "criticised the band ... instead of condemning the behaviour of these dangerous hooligans", and had encouraged this latest display of "thuggish activity".

The statement continued: "There can be no question that any musician, who is after all on stage to entertain people, should not be subject to this kind of physical attack. Do we have to wait until a musician is seriously hurt on stage before these attacks are condemned?"

One eyewitness report from the festival claims that the crowd had been chanting for Oasis to come on prior to them taking the stage. The set had continued until after 'Gas Panic!', Liam said: "We’re here to play f--king music. If you don’t f--king like it, we’ll go play somewhere else where people do," and left the stage, followed by the rest of the band. The band’s next live date is tomorrow (August 8) at Sziget Festival, Hungary. --NME

OASIS have added an additional festival date to their European tour, at GIJON FESTIVAL, SPAIN on August 23, two days before their headlining appearances at the CARLING WEEKEND FESTIVALS.

The band headline the Reading leg on Friday, August 25, and Leeds on Monday, August 28, with a headline slot at Glasgow Green sandwiched in between on the Saturday. Oasis have also just announced details of their back-catalogue singles release campaign through their own Big Brother label, set up after the announcement that Creation was being wound up.

The band’s 15 singles released since 'Supersonic' in 1994 will be re-released, with original artwork and new ‘RKID’ catalogue numbers, on August 14. They will be sold at special prices at selected shops for a limited period only. In the UK alone, they have sold 5.6 million singles to date, making them the biggest-selling British guitar band of the ‘90s. For more details on the releases, check the band’s official website,

Meanwhile, Noel Gallagher has revealed that he and little brother Liam's sibling rivalry may well be genetic. In a piece in The Observer newspaper yesterday, in which Noel speaks about his passion for football and in particular Manchester City, he says that he is only a fan of the team because of a family feud between his dad and his brothers! "The reason [I support Man City] is basically a family one - my dad hated his brothers. They were all Irish people who came over here and decided to support United. My dad chose City instead, just to piss them off. No other reason than that - Liam and I should by rights have been United fans," he said.

In the interview, he also commented: "The thing that f--ks me off about players now is that they come off the pitch and say 'Well, we worked hard.' Did you? Bricklayers work hard and they don't get paid 50 grand a week. It's no wonder that all these kids go round smashing up town centres when all the England players go on about is getting stuck in, standing your ground, working hard and being aggressive. Whereas the French players like ballet, man! Their supporters cause no trouble because the idols they look up to are artists."

And he added that he is chuffed the end of the Oasis tour coincides with the kick-off of the Premier League footie season: "It's great that City are back in the Premiership. There's lots of games in London so I'll go a lot, plus it'll be the first time the end of an Oasis world tour has coincided with the start, rather than the end, of a season." -- NME

For those of you who enjoyed Johnny Marr's Healers at Oasis' recent gigs at Bolton's Reebok Stadium, here's a chance to catch them again! Healers are to play their first ever London show on Wednesday, 6th September at Scala. Preceding London, they play Portsmouth's Wedgewood Rooms on the September 5th. In case you didn't see them in Bolton, read this review of their Bolton warm-up gig.

Tickets for Scala are £10 available on: 020 7771 2000. Tickets for Wedgewood Rooms are £9 advance available on: 023 9286 3911. -- the official Oasis site

LIAM GALLAGHER and COURTNEY LOVE have been spotted out in LONDON together, sparking speculation of a romance between two of the world’s biggest rock stars.

The Hole frontwoman and Oasis singer met at the Met Bar. Earlier, Liam had been at the Radio4 club night at Notting Hill Arts Club, hosted by former Creation records boss Alan McGee‘s new Poptones label.

According to reports in UK tabloid The Mirror this morning (August 4), they "got on like a house on fire" and the paper quotes an insider as saying: "Liam was talking about music and stuff, but something just clicked and they couldn’t tear their eyes away from each other. Then they suddenly got up and left."

Liam split from his wife Patsy Kensit last month and since then has been linked with All Saint Nicole Appleton.

What is it with Liam? First he picks Patsy who's gone through her share of musician husbands, then he moves on to Nicole Appleton who is a less successful version of Patsy and now it's Courtney Love??!!! -- NME


LIAM Gallagher has certainly been sowing his wild oats since the bitter break-up of his three-year marriage to Patsy Kensit. But we can reveal that old monkey boy has met his match in the terrifying form of Courtney Love.

The wildest man in pop and the wildest woman in pop, together at last - and at 3am.

The demented pair stunned guests at the Met Bar in London on Wednesday night with their antics.

Liam, 26, had met up with the former grunge queen turned Hollywood starlet after one of his legendary binges. And they were soon billing and cooing like a couple of love-struck teenagers, despite desperate attempts by a band of Liam sycophants to distract him. Such was their ardour that they suddenly abandoned their drinks and dashed out into the night, where they hurtled off in the back of a car, all cuddled up together.

Earlier, Liam and some male pals had been downing beers at a furious rate of knots at the Notting Hill Arts Club and were clearly "on one". But the notoriously tempera-mental Courtney, 35, ex-partner of the late, great Kurt Cobain, was clearly charmed by the Oasis bad boy's line in dribbling patter.

"They got on like a house on fire," says an insider. Liam was talking about music and stuff, but something just clicked and they couldn't tear their eyes away from each other. Then they suddenly got up and left."

Yet we can reveal that the Hole star was not the only rock legend's missus to have been on the receiving end of his in-your-face attentions these past weeks.

Despite Nicole Appleton's insistence that she's "really into this relationship" (Yes, that's Liam rather than Robbie or Travis), the feeling may not be so mutual.

Rod Stewart's ex-wife Rachel Hunter was "Liamed" when they met at a party after one of his Wembley shows. In a rare flash of good humour, he asked Rachel: "Do you think I'm sexy?"

We hear the reply was very much in the affirmative, and they continued, er, partying at a plush Central London hotel. Rachel's people insist they are "very good friends", although by our reckoning they can't have clapped eyes on each other before that lively night.

What we want to know is whatever happened to Ivy Supersonic? -- the Mirror

02 august 2000 -- oasis fan hospitalised by mob
An Oasis fan is in a serious but stable condition in hospital after a mob of fans attacked him before the gig in Scotland last weekend, it has emerged. Police report that the 17-year-old from Glasgow was assaulted by the group of people before the show at the Murrayfield Stadium on Saturday evening. The youth was taken to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary hospital and treated on Saturday evening, but was then discharged on Sunday. However, his parents became concerned for his health and took him back to Glasgow's Southern hospital hospital, where he underwent surgery to a head injury on Monday. Police said a group of 10 to 15 people, with English accents and chanting football slogans, went on the rampage through the grounds of Donaldson's college, near the venue, at about 6.15pm. One of the victim's friends was also injured in the attack, as the mob reportedly hit out indiscriminately at the people gathered on the college front lawn. In other Oasis news, the band have confirmed an appearance at a Danish festival, to make-up for their cancellation at the tragedy-hit Roskilde event. The band will headline the Skanderborg festival in 12th August. A band spokesperson told dotmusic: 'The band are very pleased to accept the last-minute offer of the show as it gives them the chance to perform for their Danish fans.' -

02 august 2000 -- dane and dusted!
Oasis have announced they are to play a festival show in Denmark. The band are confirmed to headline the Skanderborg Festival in Denmark on August 12, joining Beck, Reef, Brand New Heavies and The Bloodhound Gang at the event. The band, who played at Scotland's Murrayfield Stadium last weekend (July 29), will now play three festival shows on the Continent, the other two being in Spain and Hungary, before finishing their world tour with gigs at the Carling Weekend Festivals in Reading (August 25) and Leeds (28), as well as a performance at the Glasgow Green Festival on August 26. The band cancelled their appearance at Roskilde Festival in Denmark on July 1 in the wake of the death of nine people at the festival during Pearl Jam‘s set the previous day. A spokesperson for Oasis told "The band are very pleased to accept the last minute offer of the show as it gives them the chance to perform for their Danish fans." In other Oasis news, the band re-release their entire back catalogue, with a Big Brother catalogue number and original artwork, next Monday (August 14). -

02 august 2000 -- oasis add danish show
Following the success of their sold out weekend concert in front of 55,000 fans at Edinburgh's Murrayfield Stadium, Oasis have added another date to their European tour. The band will now be headlining the Skanderborg Festival in Denmark on Saturday the 12th August. A spokesperson for the band said "the band are very pleased to accept the last minute offer of the show as it gives them the chance to perform for their Danish fans". Oasis' world tour, which started in Japan in February this year has now taken in 20 countries with the band performing in front of an estimated 980,000 people. -

02 august 2000 -- the best oasis song in the world... ever!
Today it's Heat 4 of our competition which will hopefully answer that eternal question, "What is the best Oasis song?" Heat 1 was won convincingly by Live Forever with a massive 42.3% of the vote and Some Might Say just beat D'You Know What I Mean? to take the runners up position. Heat 2 was the 'Epics' and it was a very close match. It was won by Whatever which received 22.2% of the vote, and the runner up was Don't Look Back In Anger with 20.5%, which beat All Around The World by only 50 votes. The Masterplan came out on top in 'Heat 3 -The B-Sides' with 31.8% of the 125000 votes cast and the runner up was Listen Up with 28.4%, beating Acquiesce into third place. All six will now go through to the Grand Final. Heat 4 features the Slowies, and the voting has already begun! Only one more heat after this one, for the Covers. The winner and runner up from each heat will go through to the grand final, where we will finally know what song is the 'Best Oasis Song In The World... Ever!'. When we get to the final we want to know why you think that song is the best, in 25 words or less! Whoever comes up with the best reason will win a Personalised Gold Disc of the album that the song was featured on. Cast your vote now on the Competition ( page. -