Pickups 2 Humbuckers
Hardware Chrome
Scale 24.75"
Nut Width 1.62"
Neck Joint Set
Neck Material Mahogany
Fingerboard Rosewood/Split Parallelogram
Binding Body/Neck
Body Material Laminated Maple
Top Laminated Maple
Finishes Ebony, Cherry, Vintage Sunburst, Metallic Light Blue


Features: 9
Mine is a 1998 model, made in Korea, laminated maple top and body material, mahogany neck and rosewood fingerboard. 2 Gibson copy humbuckers, chrome hardware, 2 tone and 2 volume knobs, 3 way footswitch, 22 frets, metallic light blue finish, semi-hollow archtop body. Came with Epi 009-042 strings. Case included.

Sound: 9
I play mainly Oasis and The Beatles tunes so it suits me perfectly. It has a great bassy sound and an awesome treble too. The pickups are not as bad as people say, at least at low volumes, but if you give it some overdrive and raise the volume on the guitar, the pickups will skeal like a pig. Gonna get me some Gibson 57 Cassic pickups. The tuners stink, I have to tune the guitar every song I play, happens a lot because I do a lot of bendings and the tuners just can't handle it. I use it with a Marshall Valvestate 2x65watt and a BOSS GT-5 effects unit. If you don't mind the noise very much, when you give it a good dose of drive, you'll be rewarded with the greatest tone I've ever heard, at least within my personal taste. This is a great guitar for Oasis, The Beatles, punk rock, blues, rythm styles. Won't do much for a metal crazy head. Anyway, those pickups really gotta go.

Action, Fit, & Finish: 9
The guitar was well set-up, but the action could be set lower, so I did. The pickups were ok, well aligned and set. The finish is great, except for the headstock that had the greatest quality control flaw I've ever seen. The frontier between the blue color and the black headstock color is so bad that I felt tempted to send the guitar back. I simply didn't do it because I waited for this guitar for about 8 months and didn't wanna wait any longer. The rest was great.

Reliability/Durability: 9
This guitar can withstand live playing(if it's good for Noel Gallagher, then, it's good for you too). The hardware still looks like brand new after 1 year of intense playing. The strap buttons could be better(get strap locks). I have total faith in this guitar and would gig with no backup.

Customer Support: N/A
Never dealt with them.

Overall Rating: 9
I've been playing for about 7 years and this is my fourth electric guitar. I have a Les Paul Custom, Les Paul Elite and a Sheraton II, all by Epiphone, and this is my favourite among all. If it was stolen I would definitely buy another one as soon as I had the money. I'd put it up against a Gibson ES-335 any time(as long as I had 57 classic pickups on the SuperNova). Total satisfaction till now.

James Kenward © 2000