31 july 2000 -- edinburgh reeling from oasis
Police and council members in Scotland have called an impromptu meeting after the antics of some Oasis fans at a concert in Edinburgh last weekend. Murrayfield Community Council and Lothian and Borders Police have reacted immediately after scenes following the band's show at Murrayfield Stadium on Saturday night. Police estimate 100 fans were charged or warned for urinating in public, while a third of the rubbish collected for the city's famous New Year celebrations, which attract 300,000, was rounded-up near the stadium after the gig. Twenty five tonnes of litter had been collected by midday today, and Robert Smart, the chairman of Murrayfield Community Council, said he was concerned about the 'side effects' of such gatherings. He said: 'I have not yet had the chance to speak to locals extensively, but one woman told me that the build-up to the concert was 'pretty wild'. 'We understand that these events generate a lot of money for the city however what we do want is examination of the side effects of main events and the problems and discomfort they cause for residents.' A spokesman for Lothian and Borders police agreed, suggesting that many of those in attendance were 'unsavoury and badly behaved'. He added: 'There is a serious issue on the management of this type of event and there will be discussion with the city council about allowing this kind of band to come here.' - dotmusic

31 july 2000 -- oasis edinburgh gig rubbish!
Despite being universally hailed one of their finest gigs this year, Oasis‘ show at Murrayfiel Stadium in Edinburgh has been branded rubbish by local residents. Edinburgh City Council confirmed that 25,000 tonnes of rubbish - one-third of the amount normally expected at Edinburgh’s Hogmanay event which draws crowds of 300,000 - were collected after the sold-out 56,000 capacity gig on Saturday (July 29), and emergency clean-up teams from the refuse department who were drafted in after the concert had bottles hurled at them. A Council insider said the biggest source of complaint was the volume of bottles, cans and human excrement surrounding the stadium, and it has been suggested that this could have been made worse by the fact that alcohol is not allowed to be sold within the stadium. Lothian And Borders Police are to hold a summit meeting with local resident groups to discuss the future of rock gigs at the venue. But promoter Mark Mackie of Regular Music played the complaints down, saying that it was blown out of proportion by muck-rakers looking for a negative angle on the show. "The mess was tidied up, we had a planned clean-up and it was sorted as usual. There is nothing there now. Perhaps people wanted a negative story, and seeing as there wasn’t much traffic congestion they went with that. The band were awesome and everyone was incredibly well behaved. Everything went very well," he added. - nme.com

30 july 2000 -- supersonic!
Oasis stormed back to top form last night (July 29) at EDINBURGH MURRAYFIELD STADIUM, with a set that saw the GALLAGHERS at their musical and emotive best in front of an ecstatic Scots crowd. Liam was cool, calm and collected compared to last week's drunken Wembley Stadium performance - glorious as it was. To Oasis-watchers, it looked apparent that words had been exchanged between the two brothers, with insiders commenting that Noel had warned the younger Gallagher to behave. Whatever happened backstage, this was a different sort of concert altogether. Noel actually smiled, while his brother sang beautifully and kept his rants to a minimum. Even so, he was charismatic as ever. The band were on excellent form as they played through what was effectively a "greatest hits" set, with no surprises or major deviations from their recent dates. But when you can play a song called 'Champgne Supernova' and follow it up with one called 'Rock 'N' Roll Star' you can't really go wrong. Speaking to nme.com before the gig, Liam played down the recent tensions within the band, despite reports that he and Noel were staying not only in separate hotels, but different cities, the elder brother going to Glasgow. He said the mood within the group was "fine" and on last weekend's drink-fuelled performance pointed out: "The main thing is, it rocked." The final gig in their often-troubled European tour, the Edinburgh show looked more like a band flying high, positive and playing at their best, than a group in decline. With the Carling Weekend gigs at Reading and Leeds, and Glasgow Green still to come at the end of August, the anticipation amongst fans of what lies ahead is enormous. - nme.com

30 july 2000 -- oasis roll with the punches
Oasis vowed to shrug off the controversy surrounding their early exit from a Swiss rock festival before stepping on stage at Murrayfield Stadium. The already troubled British band stormed off the stage at the Paleo Festival on Wednesday after bottles were thrown from the crowd. However, the Manchester band said the incident would not deter them from entertaining the sell-out crowd at the Edinburgh stadium on Saturday evening. The Swiss controversy had echoes of an incident at one of the band's previous Scottish gigs when a bottle was thrown. It also came amid continuing doubts about the group's future and lead singer Liam Gallagher's marriage to Patsy Kensit. Their performance at Murrayfield, in front of a 56,000 crowd was Oasis's first performance north of the border for nearly three years. It also marked the final leg of their Standing on the Shoulder of Giants UK tour. The band wanted to rock the Scottish capital. Songwriter Noel Gallagher, who now only plays concerts in Britain with the band, had promised a memorable show. Before the concert, he said: "If it stays dry and we play all right then it'll be great because everyone knows the songs, 'cos a lot of them are classics of the modern day."

Missiles thrown

Liam, added: "It's just gonna be straight out rock and roll, which is the way I like it, 'cos that's why I'm in a rock and roll band." The latest Oasis row erupted on Wednesday night when the band, minus Noel, stopped playing when missiles were thrown. They stayed at the site until all 35,000 fans had left and threatened legal action after the organisers accused them of putting thousands of fans at risk by their actions. The band refused to finish the first of their two Glasgow dates in December 1997 after only 30 minutes when former bassist Paul "Bonehead" Arthurs was struck by a bottle. Ugly scenes followed among the 9,000 crowd after it was announced that the group would not be reappearing and police made seven arrests. Saturday's concert was Oasis's first stadium gig in Scotland and their biggest Scottish concert since they played to 80,000 fans over two days at Balloch Castle Country Park, Loch Lomond, in August 1996. Support was provided by the Happy Mondays and Doves. - bbc news

30 july 2000 -- oasis fears shower of scotland
Beleaguered rock band Oasis are said to be dreading tonight's gig in Scotland, but for once it's not because of feuding between the Gallagher brothers. The band are playing Murrayfield stadium in Edinburgh, but Noel says he's not looking forward to it because of the Scottish weather: "I'm looking forward to the Scottish gig - but if it rains it will be shit." The gig follows a poor run of Oasis live appearances – most recently the band suffered a barrage of bottles being thrown at them after Liam taunted the crowd at the Swiss Paleo festival. - dotmusic

29 july 2000 -- can this be noel going solo with a new album?
What has Noel Gallagher got in his hand? The Oasis star was pictured yesterday leaving a London recording studio carrying an unmarked CD case. The 33-year-old songwriter and guitarist has been reportedly working on solo material with an eye to a future without the band which made him famous. "Noel has been dabbling around with solo material," said a spokeswoman for Oasis. "But it's far too early for him to have a finished album. It's probably just a couple of rough-cut tracks" It is no secret that he is at logger-heads with younger brother Liam, who was booed off stage at an Oasis pop festival in Switzerland on Wednesday. The group are at the centre of a legal wrangle with the organisers of the festival after walking out a third of the way into their set. The group are threatening legal action after the organisers accused them of putting thousands of fans at risk by their actions. The band were so scared for their safety that they holed up until all 35,000 fans had dispersed around three hours later. Organisers of the six-day festival accused Liam of swearing at fans, and blamed his "arrogant and provocative" attitude for their behaviour. -- daily express

29 july 2000 -- noel rumoured to be leaving oasis at end of tour
Noel Gallagher is rumoured to be quitting Oasis for good at the end of their UK tour. Noel is said to have left the band on Wednesday (July 26), citing Liam's comments in recent press interviews as the final straw, according to a source. Oasis' spokesperson denied that Noel was leaving the band, insisting that he was still taking part in the Edinburgh gigs at the weekend and at the Reading, Leeds and Glasgow festivals. Music365 understands that Noel gave his word to play the UK gigs, but that he will leave the band when the UK tour ends next month. Oasis do not have any more shows booked after the August Bank Holiday festivals. The rumour follows Noel's decision not to tour with the band outside of the UK. Meanwhile, Oasis' label Big Brother are to re-release the entire Oasis back catalogue on August 14, including every single. The catalogue will include the original artwork, with the Our Kid catalogue number. Some shops will be offering four singles for £2.50 each. A campaign is being run on www.Oasisinet.com to find fans' favourite single - and the winner so far is the 1994 classic 'Live Forever. - music365

28 july 2000 -- oasis hit by legal threat
Organisers of a Swiss festival where Oasis were bottled off stage are threatening legal action against the band for failing to finish their set. They claimed singer Liam Gallagher's "arrogant and provocative attitude" had caused the incident and said their subsequent departure was a "paranoid reaction". The group were a third of the way through their set at the Paleo Festival in Nyon when they came under siege from missiles including bottles, cans and coins. After leaving the stage, Oasis remained at the venue until all the fans had gone, fearing for their safety. Police and British Consulate officials were called in by security guards, but there was no further trouble. Oasis, minus Noel Gallagher - who has refused to tour outside the British Isles again - had been playing for half an hour on the main stage when they made their exit. A statement by Sony Music on behalf of the band said: "Several bottles, cans and coins were thrown on stage, hitting several band members.


"An announcement was made to the audience advising them that the band wanted to return, but only if nothing further was thrown at the stage. "The band returned to the stage for two more songs when both Liam Gallagher and drummer Alan White were hit by flying debris." But a counter-statement by the organisers insisted Liam had brought the trouble on himself. It said: "The festival's organisers would like to point out that the arrogant and provocative attitude of singer Liam Gallagher had undoubtedly influenced the audience's attitude. "He insulted members of the audience on several occasions. Objects were thrown at the stage after these insults. "As far as the Paleo Festival organisers are concerned, Oasis's decision to cut short their concert was totally irrational and the result of a paranoid reaction by the group, and not based on a calm analysis of the situation. "By cutting short their concert in this way, Oasis not only ruined what was to be have been a much awaited musical performance for thousands of members of the audience, but also totally disregarded the public safety risk involved in depriving such a huge crowd of the band they had come to applaud."


It added: "An internal inquiry will be held to establish exactly what happened on the evening of 26 July. "The organisers of Paleo Festival strongly condemn the behaviour of the group Oasis in cutting short their concert in this way, and would like to apologise to all those in the audience who left disappointed." Festival organiser Daniel Rossellat said he would never again work with Oasis. An onlooker told Reuters news agency some of the audience were chanting Robbie Williams' name during the gig. He and Liam had a well-publicised fall-out earlier this year, culminating in the former Take That star challenging his rival to a fight. Liam has been recently been seen out with Williams' former girlfriend, All Saints singer Nicole Appleton and the pair are widely reported to be an item, follwing his split from wife Patsy Kensit. Oasis, who were reportedly paid $100,000 (£66,000) for their performance at Paleo, are due to play in Edinburgh this weekend. - news.bbc.co.uk

28 july 2000 -- oasis forced to stop gig short
Official Press Release

Paleo Festival
Nyon, Switzerland
Wednesday, July 26, 2000

Oasis was forced to stop short their concert this evening due to a handful of festival goers. The band had taken the stage to a roar of anticipation from the audience. Approximately 30 minutes into their performance several bottles, cans and coins were thrown on stage, hitting several band members. Liam Gallagher and the other members of Oasis walked off stage. An announcement was made to the audience advising them that the band wanted to return, but only if nothing further was thrown on stage. The band returned to the stage for two more songs, but were once again forced off when both Liam Gallagher and the drummer Alan White were hit with flying debris. The band regret this unfortunate situation and would like to apologize to the majority of the festival goers who were unfortunately robbed of what started out as a fantastic Oasis show. - oasisinet.com

27 july 2000 -- 'arrogant' oasis slammed
Paleo Festival organisers have slammed Liam Gallagher as "arrogant and provocative", and criticised OASIS' decision to storm off stage during their appearance at last night's festival as "totally irrational", nme.com can reveal. As reported earlier in the day, Oasis played only 30 minutes of a scheduled headline slot at the festival near Geneva, Switzerland last night (July 26), after the band claimed they had been pelted with "bottles, cans and coins", which hit several members of the band. Oasis then returned for two more songs, but walked off permanently when, according to the band, "Gallagher and drummer Alan White were hit by flying debris". However, in a statement released this afternoon, festival organisers have hit back at Oasis for their "arrogant and provocative attitude" - claiming the 'flying debris' which Gallagher was so offended by consisted of little more than "a few empty bottles and a balloon filled with water". The statement reads: "About 20 minutes into the concert, singer Liam Gallagher...walked off the stage claiming they were under threat from 'flying debris' thrown by members of the audience. The objects thrown on the stage consisted of a few empty plastic bottles and a balloon filled with water. None of these objects hit any of the members of the group. "The festival's organisers would like to point out that the arrogant and provocative attitude of Liam Gallagher had undoubtedly influenced the audience's attitude. He insulted members of the audience...the objects were thrown after these insults." The statement further accuses the band of making their decision to walk off as the result of a "paranoid reaction by the group, and not based on a calm analysis of the situation", before implying the band could have put the safety of fans at risk by "depriving such a huge crowd of the band they had come to applaud". The organisers of Paleo are due to hold an internal inquiry into last night's events on July 28. - nme.com

27 july 2000 -- the oasis storm continues
Oasis stormed off stage last night (Wednesday July 26th) only 20 minutes into an appearance at the Paleo Festival in Switzerland. The band, who were due to play the show without Noel Gallagher, have claimed that they were being pelted with debris by the 35,000-strong crowd and therefore felt it was safer to leave the stage. The concert organisers are disputing Oasis' claims and have said in a statement that the only objects thrown were "a few empty plastic bottles and a balloon filled with water" and that none of them actually hit the members of the band. They also said that there was an announcement from the stage appealing to the audience to stop throwing things and the band returned to continue their set. But their second attempt only lasted a few minutes because they "felt threatened by the attitude of the audience". The organisers are blaming Liam Gallagher's "arrogant and provocative attitude" for influencing the crowd as he "insulted members of the audience on several occasions" and that objects were only thrown after this. Sony Music have issued a statement of their own on behalf of Oasis that fails to mention the organisers claims that Liam hurled abuse at fans. It says they only quit their performance after "several bottle, cans and coins were thrown on to the stage, hitting several members of the band."
The Sony statement continued: "The band returned to the stage for two more songs but were once again forced off when both Liam Gallagher and the drummer Alan White were hit by flying debris. "The band regret this unfortunate situation and would like to apologise to the majority of festival goers who were robbed of what started out as a fantastic Oasis show." Unconfirmed reports have suggested that the revellers teased the lead singer by chanting the name Robbie Williams at him. Meanwhile, Oasis tour insiders have reportedly predicted that the band's Reading and Leeds festival appearances will be their last. They claim that the recent British stadium shows were "a chaotic shambles backstage". An insider said: "It really looks like the final curtain is looming now. The whole vibe of this tour right from the top downwards has been that it would have been cancelled but there is just far too much cash at stake." - dotmusic

27 july 2000 -- oasis bottle it
Oasis were bottled offstage after only 30 minutes of a scheduled festival appearance in Switzerland last night (July 26). The band, without guitarist Noel Gallagher, were due to headline the annual Paleo Festival in Switzerland last night. However, reports from the bash indicate that the band stormed offstage - with Liam Gallagher claiming the group had been pelted with objects from the 35,000-strong crowd. A statement released today on behalf of the band by Sony Music, claims the band left the stage when "several bottles, cans and coins were thrown on stage, hitting several band members". It continued: "The band had taken the stage to a roar of anticipation from the audience and approximately 30 minutes in to their performance several bottles, cans and coins were thrown on to the stage, hitting several members of the band. Liam Gallagher and the other members of Oasis walked offstage. "An announcement was made to the audience advising them that the band wanted to return, but only if nothing further was thrown at the stage...The band returned to the stage for two more songs but were once again forced off when both Liam Gallagher and the drummer Alan White were hit by flying debris.
"The band regret this unfortunate situation and would like to apologise to the majority of festival goers who were robbed of what started out as a fantastic Oasis show." Paleo Festival boss Daniel Rossellat is quoted on Reuters as saying the band were "fragile", denying objects had been thrown. Other, unconfirmed reports suggest that crowd members were taunting Gallagher by chanting the name Robbie Williams. Festival organisers are due to issue an official statement this afternoon - see nme.com later for the latest updates. - nme.com


BITTER Patsy Kensit has spoken for the first time about her breakup from Liam Gallagher.

The blonde actress told of her relief at being out of the "sham" marriage with Oasis star Liam. Patsy, 32, announced her split from Liam at the start of this month, hours after she cleared her belongings from their £1.5 million house. Liam has since packed up his belongings and the trendy pad in Primrose Hill, north west London, is for sale.

Now Lethal Weapon star Patsy has finally decided to break her silence on their troubled relationship. She confessed: "It's impossible for me to go on any longer in this sham of a marriage. I did my best and got absolutely no help in return." And defiantly she added: "It's over. I'm actually relieved."

Liam, 27, and Patsy married three years ago and last September she gave birth to their son Lennon Francis. Patsy's close friend Stella Charrot told Now magazine: "Patsy's been suffering terribly since the birth of Lennon and feels she got no help from Liam and he has no idea what being a father or husband means."

Stella went on: "As long as things are hunky-dory for Liam, it's fine. But any time a real-life situation occurs, he's not to be found."

Showbiz insiders had been predicting the end of Liam and Patsy's marriage for months. He is now dating blonde All Saint Nicole Appleton while Patsy has been seeing actor Jamie Forman.

Patsy and Liam married in April 1997 in secret at a register office in Marylebone, London. It was former child star Patsy's third wedding. Her first was to Dan Donovan from 80s band Big Audio Dynamite. After that she wed ex-Simple Minds singer Jim Kerr. But Liam and Patsy also soon hit trouble - usually blamed on wild Liam.

However, when she fell pregnant pals saw a new softer side to Liam and he even stopped drinking. And directly after the birth he seemed like a changed man - sober, sensible and caring. But within two months he was up to his old tricks, staying away on a legendary party binge.

Two months ago the Daily Star revealed oddball American hat designer hat Ivy Supersonic Silberstein spent the night in his New York hotel room. The revelation hit Patsy hard and she was treated for depression. Six weeks later they separated. -- i hope, i think, i kn-OASIS & Megastar

It's been reported in the UK tabloids that Robbie Williams has threatened to thump both Liam and Noel Gallagher after hearing that the younger brother is dating his ex-fiancée, All Saints' Nicole Appleton.

Williams' re-ignited the feud between himself and Liam that began this spring when the Oasis singer called the ex-Take That star "a fat dancer". The row then escalated when Robbie threatened to organise a celebrity boxing match between the stars.

British newspapers have displayed photographs of Liam drinking with Nicole in a north London pub at lunchtime on Saturday (July 22nd). Reports alleged that the pair couldn't keep their hands of each other and were "snogging in the back of the car".

One paper said that Liam and the All Saint have been friends since before his split from wife Patsy Kensit. It claimed that Patsy had previously been envious enough to ask Liam to stop talking to the Appleton sister.

Insiders blame Robbie's recent outburst on jealousy. One said: "Robbie was engaged to Nicole and, despite splitting up, is still fond of her. It's very hard for him to accept that she's now seeing his old foe."

Meanwhile, the Oasis frontman turned up drunk for his performance at Wembley Stadium on Saturday evening, sparking yet more conflict with his brother Noel.

The pair argued and fought between songs and Liam called Wembley a "shithole". The singer even went on to blast his wife Kensit, calling her a "bitch" and saying that she had left him without a "teabag" to his name. He also criticised her for making him see a solicitor to get access to his young son Lennon. -- i hope, i think, i kn-OASIS & Dotmusic


NICOLE APPLETON has admitted she is smitten with Oasis wildman Liam Gallagher. The All Saint is holed up with Liam in a west London hotel for a marathon of sex and booze. They locked themselves away at the secret location after Oasis' triumphant weekend gigs.

Nicole says: "I am really into this relationship. He's knocked me out and I'm very keen - he's a very special guy and it's a very special relationship. It's early days but I haven't felt like this for a long time. I've fallen for him."

She told pals her friendship with Liam blossomed into love after his split from wife Patsy Kensit. And her new relationship has annoyed ex-fiancé Robbie Williams, as I revealed yesterday.

One of the singer's friends told me last night: "Nicole has basically gone AWOL and is by Liam's side constantly. She was at the group's gig on Friday night and they are like soul mates - they haven't been out of each other's sight. Liam has a lot of problems at the moment and Nicole has made it all a little easier to bear.

"She can't stop talking about him and they can't keep their hands off each other. They're glad it's all out in the open now. She's not viewing it as a casual thing and thinks there is a real future for them. We haven't seen her like this for a long, long time."

Oasis are due to perform again tomorrow night in Switzerland before returning for a Saturday show in Edinburgh - and I'm told Nicole will be by his side.

Meanwhile, Noel says Oasis are not going to split. He told the Big Breakfast: "I was never going to go and have a solo career. That was just Liam getting himself worked up about these things because he is a nutcase. I said I might go and do a solo album when I had a year off. I don't mean a solo career - career is a big word and it means having a solo record deal. Liam says that we are not going to split up and who am I to argue with him?"

Noel's other group Tailgunner will release their first single next month - a limited edition 12-inch called Coming Back Home.

LIAM'S arch-rival Robbie has shown he can laugh about his bedroom performance. After Robin Reynolds' kiss-and-tell story about her sex marathon with Robbie in New Zealand, he told the crowd at a gig in Sydney: "I've been in the papers and she said I did it five times in a night. She lied, I did it six times. I've had some performance problems recently and I was doing it and thinking I'm a sex god and I really hope she sells her story - and she did." -- i hope, i think, i kn-OASIS & the Sun

Oasis played arguably a couple of the most important gigs of their career this weekend as most of the UK's media descended upon them at Wembley. Liam appeared to be off his trolley, running on stage during the Happy Mondays set to hug Sean Ryder whilst he was doing an Elvis impersonation. During their own set he kept having a go at Noel and his estranged wife Patsy.

However, speaking after the show Noel couldn't understand what all the fuss was about: "Liam was going, 'Thanks for everyone supporting us because it’s been a pretty mad year'."

Noel on the other hand reckons compared to past events it's all been quite calm: "I was thinking, well, no madder than the other six! It's not above you walking off an aeroplane to look for a flat!" --  BBC

Robbie Williams has threatened to punch both Liam and Noel Gallagher - after Liam was seen romancing with his ex-fiance Nicole Appleton. Williams, who has waged a war of words with the Oasis brothers in the past, says that the stars would "benefit" from a "lump" - and he'd be happy to oblige.

However, an inside source says Liam's new relationship with Nicole is behind the troubled star's outburst. The source said: "Robbie was engaged to Nicole and he's still fond of her. It's very hard for him to accept that she's now seeing his old foe."

Liam was spotted enjoying a "cosy" drink with Nicole in a London bar before an Oasis gig last Thursday. Although the pair were with Mel C and Nicole's bandmate sister Natalie, witnesses report Liam kissed the All Saint passionately. One witness said: "Liam seemed hammered and was kissing Nicole - his hands were all over her. When they finished their drinks a chauffeur drove them off - and they were snogging in the back of the car. They weren't trying to hide it at all."

Meanwhile Liam has made his first public comments about his split with Patsy Kensit. During a show at Wembley he called his wife a "b***h". He claimed the actress left him "without a teabag to my name" and that he has had to go through a solicitor to see his son. --  the Virgin News

Alan McGee, the man who discovered Oasis and founded Creation Records, is to float his new record-label Poptones on the Alternative Investment Market.

McGee is hoping to raise £2.05million from the flotation, which will value the newly-formed company at £11.5million. He will be chief executive. Julian Richer, founder of hi-fi retailer Richer Sounds, former Halifax chief executive Michael Blackburn and Michael Edelson, whose directorships include Manchester United and Oxygen Holdings, will be non-executive directors. Poptones aims to exploit both the Internet, either by offering CDs or digital music for downloading directly, and traditional retail outlets to distribute its music. McGee said the money would be partly used to build up a roster of artists.

"We're talking to 15 or 16 bands" he said. Distribution deals are being negotiated with Zomba Group and V2. McGee added that the firm was seeking licensing deals to promote the company in the United States and Japan. McGee founded Creation Records in 1983, where he signed bands such as Primal Scream and The Jesus And Mary Chain, as well as Oasis.

He sold the firm for £3.7million in 1992 to Sony, who closed it down.

"I'm not anti-commercial, I'm anti-corporate," McGee said. "We want to sell lots of records. I found the corporate environment too stifling. Poptones is going to be small and flexible with six or seven staff, that's all you need for a record company. Creation eventually had 47, and I didn't even know some of the names." -- the express

24 july 2000 -- noel's tailgunner project surfaces
Noel Gallagher's side project Tailgunner release their first single, 'Coming Back Home', next month and it'll be followed by an album and a full-scale tour in the autumn. Tailgunner's frontman is former Oasis producer Mark Coyle and he formed the band 18 months ago. Coyle plays guitar, while Noel joins him on drums and Paul Stacey on bass. 'Coming Back Home' hits the shops on August 21st and will be followed by the band's self-titled debut long-player in September. Both were originally due to be released through Oasis' former label Creation Records until it folded last year. They will now come out through the Manchester-based No Label imprint. Coyle said of the change: "We've been in limbo for a few months but we've gone with No Label to get away from London and keep it up here and to ourselves." The tracks on the album are: 'Living For Real', 'Undercover', 'Blow Up', 'Coming Back Home', 'All Shook Up', 'Slower and Slower'. 'How Do You Feel', 'Crazy Horse', 'Reefer Keeper' and 'Deadly Man'. Meanwhile, Tailgunner are set to play three low-key shows in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. The dates are: Portree Community (August 4), Nairn Fox's (5) and Inverness Blue Club (6). - dotmusic.com

24 july 2000 -- robbie jealous of liam's fling with nicole
Robbiw Williams is said to be more than a tad unhappy that Liam Gallagher is dating his former fiancee, All Saints' Nicole Appleton. The new relationship is said to have re-ignited the feud between the Oasis brothers and the former Take That singer who threatened to "lump" them. One Williams insider told British tabloid The Daily Star: "Robbie was engaged to Nicole and, despite splitting up, is still fond of her. It's very hard for him to accept that she's now seeing his old foe." Recently questioned over his love-hate relationship with the Gallagher brothers Robbie said: "I think that they could benefit from having somebody lump them – and I think that should be me." Robbie started seeing Nicole in January 1998. They announced their engagement five months later but split up last year. They have remained friends and were last month seen having lunch in North London, fuelling rumours that they were getting back together. Liam meanwhile, who split from his actress wife Patsy Kensit earlier this month, was seen enjoying a lunchtime drink with Nicole, her sister Natalie and Spice Girl Mel C on Saturday July 22, hours before Oasis' sell-out concert at Wembley Stadium. According to British tabloid The Sun a friend of Nicole's said: "Robbie thinks her romance with the man he regards as his arch enemy is the ultimate betrayal. "But Nicole and Liam have always got on well and now they're both single there's no reason for them not to get together. "They seem an odd couple but have similar interests. Nicole's big problem is that Robbie is so annoyed. He's very protective." - music365

24 july 2000 -- liam's fling with nicole appleton
Oasis singer Liam Gallagher is dating All Saints star Nicole Appleton. UK newspaper the News of The World confirmed the romance on Sunday (July 23) when they printed pictures of Liam and Nicole drinking in a bar in London’s fashionable Maida Vale district with Nicole’s sister Natalie and Spice Girl Melanie C. According to an eyewitness report, Liam was drunk and kissing Nicole. “He had his hands all over her,” the report stated. The couple were spotted together just hours before Liam joined Oasis onstage at Wembley Stadium on Saturday, July 22 (click for review). Liam appeared drunk during the show and announced from the stage: “If you’re gonna do Wembley, you might as well do it pissed out of your arse!” Liam’s apparent drunkenness was the source of renewed conflict between himself and brother Noel at the Wembley show. The pair argued between songs throughout the night. Judging from Liam’s constant jokes about ‘professionalism’ – at one point he suggested that Oasis should be more professional, “just like Genesis” – it appeared that Noel had blasted his brother for drinking too much before a show. Liam’s romance with Nicole Appleton comes just weeks after he officially split from wife Patsy Kensit. Liam’s feud with Robbie Williams may be re-ignited by the affair, since Robbie and Nicole Appleton were previously engaged. - music365

23 july 2000 -- oasis mend feud for one night
Despite their on-going feud, Liam and Noel put aside their differences last night to give a blistering performance at Wembley Stadium. After a shaky start, which saw Noel booed for goading the 100,000-strong crowd with, 'Hello Manchester. Get up, you're not here to f***ing sit down,' Manchester's finest won over one of the last audiences ever to walk on the ground's hallowed turf. Liam seemed confident and in good spirits and invited the crowd to chant his name before launching into Who Feels Love and Acquiesce.Then it was brother Noel's turn with Step Out, before Liam took the helm for Shakermaker and an rocking performance of Roll With It. Noel dedicated the song "to all the posh birds down the front" before Liam invited women in the audience to 'get 'em out for the lads,' which for one lucky lady resulted in her breasts being beamed across the stadium on a 50ft screen.
There were a few tell-tale signs of their continued battling though. After superb performances of Stand By Me and Wonderwall Liam complained that the spotlight on Noel was 'doing my f***ing head in.' Noel kicked into Don't Look Back In Anger, joking with the crowd: 'Did you read The Mirror today? Apparently those 3am girls have pictures of me with my dick out which they claim is really small. What do they know? They're uglier than 15 Matthew Wrights!' Another telling moment perhaps came when Noel admitted, 'We haven't gotany new songs, so this one is by Neil Young and it's called Hey Hey, My My' adding to speculation about a split after their Carling Festival appearance in Leeds at the end of August. An emotion-fuelled Champagne Supernova and a storming rendition of Rock 'n' Roll Star ended the night. Then Alan White threw his drumsticks into the crowd, followed by Liam's tambourine as Gallagher junior shook Gem's hand in appreciation. One-nil to Oasis! Let's hope tonight's replay is just as good. -- yahoo

23 july 2000 -- liam appears drunk at wembley
Liam Gallagher performed possibly Oasis' most important gig to date in a state of complete drunkenness at Wembley Stadium tonight. The gig, attended by 70,000 Oasis fans was significant because of rumours that this would be their last ever gig together and because this is one of the few gigs this summer to feature Noel Gallagher in the line up, due to his refusal to play outside of the UK. The Wembley gig was also being broadcast, with a one hour delay, on Sky TV, to the entire world. People close to the band were hoping for a spectacular performance and Oasis' management were clearly perturbed by Liam's behaviour. However, despite drunkenly swearing between every track, Liam and Oasis played one of their finest gigs with the two brothers jovially winding each other up to everyone's amusement and clearly enjoying themselves by the end of the concert. Despite this, fans appeared disappointed by the band's refusal to come on stage for a second encore. -- yahoo

22 july 2000 -- oasis kick off at wembley
Rock's troubled superstars Oasis have headlined for their first time at Wembley - in one of the final shows for the venue and possibly for Noel Gallagher. The band's songwriter said he is unsure of his future with the group when its UK summer shows end. It follows a catalogue of rows with younger brother and frontman Liam. And the sports stadium, which held tens of thousands of clamouring fans, is due to be rebuilt by 2003, with a 133m-high arch replacing its famous twin towers. Noel quit the European leg of the tour in May after he and Liam fell out. He agreed to return for the British gigs and has said he will make up his mind about continuing with the band after the last concert. As the Wembley extravaganza got under way, Liam seemed to be spoiling for a fight with his southern audience, jokingly shouting "Hello Manchester". The band kicked off the performance with number one single Go Let It Out, followed by another track from their most recent album Standing on the Shoulder of Giants, Who Feels Love. They then slipped into old favourites Supersonic, Shakermaker, and Acquiesce.

Fans unconvinced

Although the stadium was less than full, fans were keyed up for the event with an enthusiastic round of Mexican waves before the show began. But they were not all convinced about the band's performance. One fan, Dave Webb said: "They've been pretty good but they've lost it a bit. They think whatever they put out nowadays is as good as the old stuff but it's not." Another fan said: "It should be Liam not Noel that leaves. The band's nothing without Noel because he writes all the songs and Liam's just an arrogant idiot." The crowd saw what appeared to be bickering between the brothers away from the microphone, although this did not affect their perfomance. This tour has also seen the addition of guitarist Gem Archer and bass player Andy Bell to the line-up, to replace other band members who left last year. Other hits played by the band in a greatest hits style show included Roll With It, Wonderwall, Stand By Me - and the fans were jumping in unison as the band wheeled out their former manifesto Cigarettes And Alcohol. Noel took over lead vocal duties for a version of his Neil Young homage to punk Hey Hey My My, before handing over to Liam again for Champagne Supernova. - bbc news

22 july 2000 -- noel lifts the lid on barcelona brawl
Noel Gallagher has spoken up about his reasons for walking out on Oasis mid-tour back in May. The star stormed out after a backstage brawl with his brother Liam in Barcelona and has said that he'll never tour abroad with Oasis again. A UK tabloid has reported that Noel admitted to losing his temper because the singer criticised his "immediate family". It's thought he was referring to his wife Meg Mathews and their 10-month-old daughter, Anais. Noel revealed: "Liam said stuff about my immediate family and it ended up with me giving him a smack. I'm not taking that from anyone. It got too personal. As soon as anyone mentions family, it starts getting violent. "I love him – he's my brother and nothing's going to change that. But I just don't get on with him any more. He put the tit in attitude." Apparently the brothers have still not really made up but are simply putting a brave face on it for the new members of Oasis. Noel said: "To be honest, the only reason I went back in the group was for the new line-up. They're top geezers and should not have seen what went on that night in Barcelona. "If anyone deserves to be in a band like Oasis, it's them. It's like playing football for your country and signing two really good wingers." - dotmusic.co.uk

20 July, 2000 Noel Fired from Tailgunner

Noel Gallagher's band woes have taken another downward turn with the news that he has been fired by TAILGUNNER, the side project fronted by old mate MARK COYLE on which he plays drums. "I got kicked out of the band - fired by me best mate!" the Oasis mainman explained. "He signed to another label, and I said I've got me own label, and he was like, so what, I've got another one, and by the way, you're not drumming...!" The Oasis songwriter was talking on Tim Lovejoy's Studio 68 show on London's XFM station last night (July 19). During the wide-ranging interview, he also went into more depth about the current situation with Oasis. "At the moment I'm still in the band," he said, "For the next five gigs I'm still in the band, but after that I don't know." He also said he would never embark on another world tour with Oasis and only decided to return to the fold for the UK and Irish dates because of the new members. "I only rejoined the band after my dispute with Liam in Barcelona because of the other band members, Gem Archer and Andy Bell. They're top geezers and great musicians and shouldn't have seen what happened in Barcelona. They are two of the best guys I've ever played with and Andy, as well as being a good bass player, is a fantastic guitarist."
Noel also reiterated a point made during a Time Out magazine interview this week that if Liam wasn't his brother he would have kicked him out of the band. And further remarks made it clear that the rift between the two was still some way from being fully mended. "At present I am being civilised and polite to Liam for the sake of the people who have bought tickets for the gigs, as they are the people who matter." He added: "I love him, but do not like him very much as we just don't get on. It's difficult working with your brother in the band, as you can't be as objective about the music, when you're in the studio like you could be with a mate or colleague." During the interview, which ran three times longer than the scheduled 15 minutes, Noel also touched on the joys of fatherhood, on the end of Liam and Patsy Kensit's marriage and the spat between Liam and Robbie Williams. Oasis play two sold-out shows this weekend (July 21/22) at Wembley Stadium. - nme.com

20 july 2000 -- noel: 'liam's happier without patsy'

Oasis songwriter Noel Gallagher has revealed that his brother Liam seems "happier" since his much publicised split with wife Patsy Kensit two weeks ago. The star told London radio station Xfm: "Over the last two weeks, if I've noticed anything, I've noticed Liam's happier. From what I can see it seems like a big weight of his shoulder. "He's concerned about his little boy - which any dad would be. It's not the end of the world for Liam Gallagher. He's not on his knees or anything. Life goes on." Noel also expressed that he has a lot of sympathy for Posh Spice's footballing husband David Beckham. He commented: "I've got sympathy for him 'cause he just seems to be going along with it. I mean, if she wasn't married to him, who's she? Just one of the Spice Girls who can't sing. Whereas he's the best f***ing footballer we've got in the country. I feel sorry for him." However, Noel - a Manchester City fan - soon changed his tune when he remembered who Beckham plays for. He recoiled: "But f*** him, he's a dirty red anyway!" Meanwhile, Oasis have asked their fans to make films of themselves at their shows at Wembley Stadium on Friday and Saturday (21st and 22nd July). The request was made on the band's official web site www.oasisinet.com and it's part of their plans to make a documentary about the gigs from the perspective of the audience. - nme.com

20 july 2000 -- liam quits his wonderwalls
An upset Liam Gallagher yesterday left his North London home in Primrose Hill following the recent break-up of his marriage to Patsy Kensit. The 32-year-old Patsy left last week after splitting the couple's mountain of furniture, antiques and assorted memorabilia equally between them. However, among Liam's possessions taken by the removal men, were seven televisions, a scooter, his Beatles holdall and a £1 million piano that once belonged to his idol John Lennon. The singer's belongings where then taken to a local storage unit where they'll stay until the his current touring commitments are out of the way. The removal men, who have dealt with every Gallagher move since their rise to fame, where rewarded with signed CDs and T-Shirts. One of the six men said: "We've done every Gallagher move since they became famous. We first moved Noel up from Manchester to London and recently moved him to Ibiza." Other things removed from the £2.5 million house, included toys belonging to the Oasis star's baby son Lennon. Meanwhile, dotmusic spotted a not so heart-broken Liam at a Hampstead restaurant last night. The singer was accompanied by a blonde female that he seemed to know fairly intimately. His dining companion looked remarkably like Patsy and wore a T-shirt which had the words 'Do You Feel Lucky' emblazoned on it. The pair were joined by actor Sean Bean and they continued to drink Champagne, beer and eat hamburgers until 3am. - dotmusic.co.uk


Join BBC DJ Gary Crowley backstage at Wembley stadium 4pm-6pm Saturday July 22 (UK time) as they build up to one of the biggest, and most important gigs in Oasis's history. Whether you're on the way to the gig in the car, at home, in the garden or listening via your computer: this promises to be an unforgetable live event. Gary'll be asking the questions every fan wants answering : What is the future for Oasis?


for more info follow this link >>  http://www.bbc.co.uk/londonlive/entertainment/radio_pages/oasisplug.shtml

D'Yer Wanna Be A Movie Star? 18th July 2000

Oasis would like you to appear in a forthcoming documentary about the Wembley shows this weekend. What we want you to do is grab your camcorder and set it recording just before Oasis take the stage on Saturday night at around 8.30 London time, leave it going through the whole show and just do what you would do normally. Sing along, have a drink, snog your girl/boyfriend, play some air guitar, channel surf - whatever, just get it all on tape and we will let you know where to send them off to soon. The senders of any clips we use in the documentary will receive a copy of the video when it's ready.
For a list of TV Stations broadcasting the gig please see Special Events.
Unfortunately we cannot return any tapes sent in, so make sure you keep a copy if you can, and by sending in your tapes you are agreeing to let us use them within the documentary.   Oficial Oasis Site

Oasis star Noel Gallagher says he's "had enough" of younger brother Liam and his drinking.

Liam, 27, said he had apologised for the "pissed-up" punch-up that led to Noel walking out on a European tour. But Noel, 33, said: " So he's apologised, big deal. It makes me tired. It gets me down. This time there isn't going to be a next time because I've had enough of him," he told Time Out.

Noel, the band's songwriter, took time off in Ibiza before rejoining Oasis for the Irish and UK shows. He said Liam couldn't accept the band wasn't the most important thing in his life. "I'm married now, I've got a kid and watching my little girl grow up and go to school is more important than watching the band develop. He's got to get his head around that before we can go any further."

If Liam wasn't his brother, Noel would have sacked him four years ago. "Liam's still in his 20s and he's still living the life of the rock star," he said

"I still don't understand the reasons why he's always going off at me. Two or three years ago I'd sit down and try and get inside his head. Now I can't be bothered."

Liam told the magazine the brothers "were never that close anyway". But he said he wanted to "get sorted" with Patsy Kensit, who walked out on him after a stormy three-year marriage.

Time Out has published two different covers – one with Liam, one with Noel – to see which brother is most popular.

Also, it's been reported that the feuding Gallagher brothers insisted on staying at different hotels - in Leeds and Manchester. The lads return to the stage this weekend at Wembley Stadium. If you're not going, see the gig live on Sky One at 9.30pm on Saturday (UK only).  Skynews

Oasis star Noel Gallagher has once again questioned the future of the group of which he is the leading writer and musical force. In a magazine interview, he blamed his brother Liam's drinking for their love-hate relationship.

Noel said Liam is now the leader of the band and that his own role in the group is still undecided, although he plans to continue in the music business.

Guitarist Noel has just rejoined the band for UK dates. But he said of the rows with his brother: "It makes me tired. It gets me down. But he knows that and the more it gets me down, the more he does it."

Songwriter Noel quit the tour during a series of European shows, after a huge row which turned into a physical fight. "He won, I'll give him that," Liam said in the same interview.

Noel took a holiday in Ibiza before rejoining the group for the Irish and UK shows, but is still to work out the future.

"I'm not thinking too much about anything at the moment, just about getting these gigs done and hopefully them being received really well. Then after that..." Noel said.

Asked whether it was a possibility that he was not going to bother with Oasis any more, he said: "Oh course, yeah, but we'll see what happens. When I was 26 the most important thing in my entire life was the group and writing songs. But now it's not."

Noel added that his brother - who has just split from his wife Patsy Kensit - found that difficult to accept.

"Watching my little girl grow up and go to school is more important than watching the band develop - he's gotta get his head round that before we can go any further," he said.

However Noel stressed he was not going to give up music and "sit at home and become a dad".

The brothers were also at odds with their own views of the band during the interview. While Liam insisted there was a whole album of new songs, Noel, the band's writer, said he had not written anything for 18 months. ITN news

Despite the recent arguing and fighting that caused Noel to walk-out mid tour, the Gallagher brothers have both admitted that they "adore" each other.

This revelation is included in a candid interview in London listings magazine 'Time Out' this week.

During the interview Oasis' singer Liam acknowledged that his drinking was the main reason behind the brothers fighting on the recent tour and in the past. And it was after a drinking session, that started in Barcelona and finished in Paris, that things really kicked off between them.

When the magazine enquired: "I mean, you do still love each other?" Liam passionately replied: "I adore him. And if anyone bad-mouthed him I'd rip their f***in' head off. And he'd do the same for me. It's a love-hate relationship. I wanna be him. He wants to be me. Y'know, he wants to be a singer and I want to be a songwriter."

Likewise Noel talked openly about how he feels about his brother's bad temper. He said vehemently: "The bottom line is, if Liam's f***in' sober he's great. But once he's pissed he likes nothing better than to sit in a room and argue."

When reminded how devoted his brother is, the songwriter continued: "I adore him as well. But not to the point where I'll sit and be insulted all night, in front of loads of people. I'm not having that off anyone."

Noel revealed that Liam's Parisian binge was the final straw. He said: "You're in a hotel room in Paris and you think: Well, I've got six weeks left in Europe with this twat, or I've got a house in Ibiza with its own beach. Hmm. This is not a difficult decision to make."

Later Noel talks excitedly about Oasis' forthcoming headline appearance at Reading and Leeds festivals. He gushed: "What I'm really looking forward to is getting onstage at Reading. Because we've gotta follow Primal Scream. . . Y'know, I'm looking forward to going on after them. Then we'll see how good we are."  dotmusic

JULY 18 - Gallagher: Keeping mum over family feud


Gallagher: Keeping mum over family feud

Niki Waldegrave

The battling Oasis brothers can't bear to be within 50 miles of each other
- and Noel Gallagher even fears he has no future with the band.
The group performed a brilliant set at Bolton's Reebok Stadium this weekend
- their first gig in the northwest for more than two years.
But while Noel alone visited their mum before the sell-out gig and stayed
in their home city of Manchester afterwards, Liam drove off to a hotel in
Noel rejoined the band for the British dates of their world tour after
sensationally storming out in May, but relations between the brothers are
obviously still strained.
And Noel blames his brother's drinking. "It gets me down," he told listings
mag Time Out. "But he knows that - and the more it gets me down, the more
he does it."
Noel quit the tour during their European dates after a huge row with his
brother which ended in a punch-up. "He won - I'll give him that," Liam
admitted in the same interview.
Asked whether he could quit the band for good, Noel said: "Oh course, yeah
- but we'll see what happens.
"When I was 26 the most important thing in my entire life was the
group...now it's not.
"Watching my little girl grow up and go to school is more important than
watching the band develop."
Just a few days ago, Noel admitted: "If I wasn't related to him I'd have
sacked him four years ago.
"If Liam's f***ing sober, he's great. But once he's pissed he likes nothing
better than to sit in a room and argue."
As our exclusive pictures show, Noel - but not Liam - took time out to
visit mum Peggy at her council house in Burnage, south Manchester, just
before Sunday's gig.
The 33-year-old rolled up in his chauffeur-driven Mercedes limousine,
accompanied by a minder.
An onlooker said: "He was looking extremely glum."
After the sell-out show, the brothers grim jumped into identical
chauffeur-driven Mercs and left the stadium - in opposite directions.
A friend of the band said: "Liam and Noel were both originally booked into
the Malmaison hotel in Manchester. But they refused to be in the same
Noel himself cracked jokes about his brother's Yorkshire trek as he partied
the night away with Oasis member Gem Archer and former Smiths star Johnny
Marr after the gig.
He said: "The idiot's booked himself into a hotel in Leeds. We play in
Bolton, so he books himself into a hotel in Leeds - why he's done that I
don't know.
"I suppose it makes sense in that head of his. When we play Edinburgh,
he'll probably stay in Manchester."
Yet a spokesperson for the group yesterday tried to play down the rift,
insisting: "The only reason Liam stayed in Leeds was because he didn't want
the hassle from fans."
Despite all their problems, Oasis were on top form on stage as they belted
out such classics as Wonderwall, Don't Look Back In Anger, Live Forever and
Champagne Supernova.

A 19-year-old man was killed in a road accident after leaving the Oasis concert at Bolton Reebok Stadium on Saturday night (July 20).

Bryn Daniel Thorpe of Wardley Avenue, Little Hulton, was walking along the M61 motorway after the concert when he was in a collision with a Peugeot car. He suffered fatal injuries on the scene. Greater Manchester Police are now asking witnesses of the incident to contact them on 0161 872 5050.

Following the Oasis concert, there were reports of a 30-person brawl in the backstage area. It’s believed that a row broke out between guests of Oasis and support act Happy Mondays, but police were not called to the incident.

Venue: Bolton
Date: 15 July 2000
Who: Liam, Gem, Andy, Alan & Noel
Support: Happy Mondays/Johnny Marr and the healers

Fuckin' In The Bushes
Go Let It Out
Who Feels Love?
Gas Panic!
Step Out
Stand By Me
Roll With It
Cigarettes & Alcohol
Don't Look Back In Anger
Live Forever
Hey Hey, My My
Champagne Supernova
Rock'n'Roll Star

Oasis Live in Bolton
On a chilly Saturday night in Bolton, Oasis - with Noel and Liam (pictured)
side-by-side - set out to put all the bad times behind them and get back to
being the greatest rock 'n' roll band in the world. Did they succeed? Read

Live OASIS: Bolton, Saturday July 15 2000

Venue: Reebok Stadium Ticket Price: £29.50

The first gig back on British soil, and suddenly all the trauma seems so
long ago...
Close but yet so far. While The Happy Mondays are lurching their way
through a remembrance of baggy days past, one sozzled soul is blissfully
unaware of it, comatose on the grass verge outside the venue, a plastic
beer glass sitting on his forehead. His mates have gone, and the chances
are if he does wake up before Oasis take the stage, he'll find himself
without a ticket.
And he misses out on a gig that - though it may not measure up to the
legendary status of Maine Road and Knebworth - still ranks as a shining
moment in Oasis' history. Here in Bolton Wanderer's home ground, the turf
covered over in grey foam flooring, the sun melting away on a chilly night,
Oasis quite frankly look like a band fighting to regain what they once had.
And winning.
Maybe it's the fact that they very nearly split, that newboys Gem and Andy
Bell had to carry more than their weight after the departure of Noel during
the European tour, the disasters in Liam's personal life, the creeping
rumours that Oasis might call it a day after the festival season ends...
but tonight Oasis reanimate themselves. It happens almost from the start,
with the huge, chaotic rumble of 'Fuckin' In The Bushes' spilling out from
the speakers as Liam and company trudge into view, the crowd that's been
bubbling with noisy expectation surging forward. It's straight into 'Go Let
It Out', the first verse framed only by dirty guitar until the moment Andy
Bell's bass growls into life. Liam's face peers out from a giant monitor
set at the back of the stage, hair tangled and rebellious, no hint of
This is what the crowd want, Oasis the uncompromising rock 'n' roll stars,
and this is what they get in spades. 'Supersonic' is ragged and rowdy and
Liam at his enraged best, snarling those nonsense lines dredged from big
brother Noel's drug-heightened consciousness. It's 'Definitely Maybe' made
flesh with all its sizzling power. And Noel? Noel doesn't make any grand
announcements about being back in the line-up (though he did at Lansdowne
Road beforehand), he just settles in, whacks out the lead lines, and every
now and then sings a harmony that genuinely takes your breath away.
'Acquiesce' is given a new depth of feeling thanks to all the recent
ructions. He even drags out 'Step Out', the Stevie Wonder-pilfering track
ejected from 'What's The Story?'.
But the highlight tonight is 'Wonderwall', the guitars buzzing and
unsettled rather than gently melancholic, the moments of confusion given an
extra edge of pathos, an air of anger hanging over their most nakedly
devotional love song.
Oasis' proud history of doing pub rock versions of other people's classics
continues unabated - this time it's 'Hey Hey My My (Into The Black)' that
gets a drubbing, though you kind of forgive Noel Gallagher for the
indulgence. It all ends, comically, with Noel berating early leavers before
the band roar into 'Rock 'N' Roll Star'. An early retirement seems the
least likely option. 9/10
Text: Stephen Dowling
Image: Phil Wallis
Eyewitness Report: Liam having a battle of wills with a very drunk fan who
clambers to the top of a speaker stack. "Get off the f***ing speakers!"
shouts Liam like a disgruntled grandad.


"Patsy's A Great Mum!" Say's Ex-Hubby Jim Kerr.

Second husband Jim Kerr has come out in defense of ex-wife Patsy Kensit, insisting, "Pasty is a great mum and puts her children first. James [their child together] has been through a marriage split before and came out of it unscathed - so he will cope this time, I'm sure."


LIAM GALLAGHER is planning a divorce settlement that will involve handing over half his entire fortune to estranged wife Patsy Kensit.

That could mean that Kensit, who formerly split from her Oasis frontman husband on Friday July 7, will end up with £10 million.

Meanwhile, the 32-year-old actress has been seen out on the town with her new man just 24 hours after announcing the split. She was spotted with actor Jamie Forman who is reportedly the son of the Kray's underworld enforcer Freddie Foreman.

Asked if she was disappointed at the split, Kensit said: "It's over - no, I'm actually relieved. It's been over for quite a long time really." Kensit denied she had been through a rough time and said she still regarded Liam as a friend, and wished him well.

A source close to Gallagher said: "Liam would give up everything to make sure his son is alright. In real terms that could mean a divorce settlement of up to half his fortune."

There had been speculation that her marriage to Gallagher was over and their volatile relationship has seen them having numerous bust-ups.

It is Kensit's third marriage to break down. She was previously married to musician Dan Donovan of Big Audio Dynamite, then Jim Kerr from Simple Minds, with whom she had a son James - the subject of Liam's song 'Little James' on the band's current album 'Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants'.

Gallagher and Kensit's relationship was thought to be on a more even keel after she gave birth to their son Lennon - named after the Beatles legend - but the strains became apparent again in recent weeks.

Their home was recently put on the market while Kensit was filming a new movie Things Behind The Sun in the US. Gallagher has been touring with Oasis in Europe during the last few weeks and has been out of the country for most of the year because of the band's commitments.

Kensit and Gallagher married in April 1997 at Marylebone register office in central London, the venue used by Sir Paul McCartney. -- This news article was from music365

09 july 2000 -- 'we're not splitting up'
Noel Gallagher rejoined OASIS tonight (July 8) in a triumphant live return at Dublin’s LANSDOWNE ROAD stadium. It was the first time the guitarist, songwriter and man widely held as being the most important part of the band had played or been with brother Liam since his public walkout prior to a Paris show some two months ago. And the rumoured feud between the pair seemed to be settled with a brief handshake following ‘Acquiesce’. The track, on which the duo share vocals with lyrics that include the line "we need each other" was kicked off by Liam’s affirmation that contrary to reports Oasis were not to split."There’s been little things said about us over the last couple of weeks that have pissed us off," he said, "but I can tell you we’re not fucking splitting up." The more spirited and driven version of the song than fans might have been used to followed by Liam walking towards his brother and offering his hand went some way to confirm this.
However, the marriage breakdown announced yesterday of Liam and actress Patsy Kensit was not broached. The only allusion to the split that eagle-eyed fans could have picked up came, significantly, during ‘Stand By Me’. During the second verse Liam very audibly accentuated the line "I’m tired of talking on the phone" while making a point of stabbing his finger towards the microphone. It was one of the only times the singer, very much at his panther-like prowling, wide-eyed staring best, seemed annoyed during the show. For the rest, despite a rather edgy, lumpen start, he seemed to be having a ball. He even jokingly dedicated ‘Cigarettes And Alcohol’ to British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s 16 year-old son Euan, arrested earlier this week being found drunk and incapable in London’s Leicester Square. "This is for Tony Blair’s son," he laughed, "he can come for a pint with me any time." The show itself saw the band, performing without Noel replacement Matt Deighton, re-emerge as one of the most vital live groups in Britain. Versions of crowd favourites like ‘Wonderwall’, ‘Shakermaker’ and ‘Live Forever’ had an edge and drive that reminded the assembled 40 something thousand fans of why they have risen to the levels they have.
Noel too seemed to relax back into his familiar role. Following the crowd singing back almost all of ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’, the only track on which he took the lead, he smiled and nodded to the rest of the band suggesting that the upcoming UK gigs might not, in fact, be his last with the group. He exited the stage wishing Dublin well and smiling "we’ll see you next time."

The full setlist was as follows:

‘Fuckin’ In The Bushes’
‘Go Let It Out’
‘Who Feels Love’
‘Gas Panic’
‘Roll With It’
‘Stand By Me'
‘Cigarettes And Alcohol’
‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’
‘Live Forever’


‘Hey Hey (My My)’
‘Champagne Supernova'
‘Roll And Roll Star'

- nme.com

09 july 2000 -- noel takes requests
Noel Gallagher sat up late into the night at the bar of Jury's Hotel in Dublin, taking song requests from fans after rejoining his brother and the rest of Oasis onstage earlier in the day. Gallagher told nme.com on the flight back to London this morning (July 9) that he had been staying separately from the rest of the band and had spent a few hours chatting with fans in the hotel bar and taking on board suggestions for future Oasis setlists. The guitarist, who told nme.com that he was on his way home for a week off, said that although he thought the Dublin gig had been "brilliant", he had not been tempted to join Oasis for their next shows in Athens because "too many people have been dying in forest fires out there". Gallagher is next scheduled to appear with the band in Bolton next weekend. - nme.com

08 july 2000 -- liam's tip for noel
Liam Gallagher's broken his silence over Noel's departure from their European tour. Liam's denied the rumour that the split was down to his drinking binges and insists it was over ongoing arguments about Noel's solo album. Liam says he's got his family and his band and there's nothing else in his life and it should be the same for his brother. - radio 1

08 july 2000 -- liam and patsy: 'it's over'
Liam Gallagher and Patsy Kensit have confirmed that their three-year marriage is over. The couple, who recently put their North London home up for sale, are believed to be speaking to divorce lawyers, after their relationship finally crumbled. Liam, who is preparing for a show in Ireland tonight, the band's first with songwriter Noel Gallagher since he walked-out because of arguments with his brother, confirmed the split to The Sun newspaper. He said: 'It's finished, over, gone. That's it. Maybe I was too young but I don't think I'll be marrying again. I'm just trying to get on with my music and be a good dad. We're still talking on the phone though.' A spokesman for Patsy confirmed the marriage was finished on Friday evening, while Patsy, who also has failed marriages to Big Audio Dynamite's Dan Donovan and Simple Minds' Jim Kerr, admitted as much to ITV's London Tonight. She said: 'It's over – no, I'm actually relieved. It's been over for quite a long time really.' The couple have a ten-month-old son, named Lennon. - dotmusic.co.uk

08 july 2000 -- liam and patsy call it a day
Following speculation fuelled by the impending sale of their "perfect" home in London's Primrose Hill and the recent absence of a wedding ring on her finger, Liam Gallagher and his wife, Patsy Kensit, have announced that they are to separate after three years of marriage. For 32-year-old Kensit, this is her third marriage break-up - she was previously married to Dan Donovan of Big Audio Dynamite and Jim Kerr, lead singer of Simple Minds, and the father of her seven-year-old son James. Last year Kensit had another son, by Gallagher, whom they named Lennon, after Gallagher's hero, John Lennon, who was murdered in New York in 1980.
The announcement came on the eve of the Gallagher brother's reunion on stage - Oasis are due to play Dublin's Lansdowne Road tonight (8th), where big brother Noel is set to rejoin the group after his dramatic walk-out from their European tour, following disagreements with Liam. The following three weekends see the group performing at three UK stadiums, Bolton Reebok (15th/16th), Wembley (21st/22nd) and Edinburgh's Murrayfield (29th). Tickets are still available for all five shows. - bigmouth news

07 july 2000 -- liam and patsy to divorce
Oasis star Liam Gallagher has admitted that he and Patsy Kensit are talking to divorce lawyers and that their marriage cannot be saved. The wildman singer, 27, said: "It’s finished, over, gone. That’s it. Maybe I was too young but I don’t think I’ll be marrying again. "I’m just trying to get on with my music and be a good dad. We’re still talking on the phone though." He and Patsy, 32, are keen to ensure that their three-year marriage ends as amicably as possible for the sake of ten-month-old son Lennon. A friend said yesterday: "Liam says there’s no way they’ll get back together. "Everyone’s really sad about it because they were perfect together when they married. But the cracks started to appear. Liam is gutted but philosophical. "He’s just trying to throw himself back into the music. All their stuff is being moved out of their house that Liam loved so much." Yesterday removal vans were seen at their £1.5million North London home. As revealed by The Sun two weeks ago, Patsy and Liam have put it on the market.
Their marriage finally crumbled while Liam was touring America with Oasis two months ago. Patsy’s pals say she has been emotionally drained for most of the year. Fed up with spending so much time apart, she phoned Liam in New York in early May and told him not to bother coming home as their marriage was over. Last month she flew to the US for filming commitments without her wedding ring on. She was furious at rumours of Liam’s on-tour friendship with New York hat designer Ivy 'Supersonic'Silverstein. It is Patsy’s THIRD broken marriage to a rock star. She was first wed to Big Audio Dynamite guitarist Dan Donovan then became the wife of Simple Minds singer Jim Kerr, father of her eight-year-old son James. Patsy and Liam have proved an explosive combination. Their first public row happened in 1996 - a month after they got together - when Liam saw a photo of her cuddling Kerr. In March 1997, after they cancelled their wedding at the last minute, she checked herself into a clinic citing exhaustion and he went AWOL. They married the following month. In a drunken rage in September 1998, Liam threw Patsy and James out of "his house." She moved into a flat but insiders say she has struggled to forgive him for the incident. In July last year Patsy booted HIM out after he went on a bender. And she did the same again last November. Meanwhile Liam is busy patching things up with his brother Noel, 33, who quit their U.S. tour after a string of rows. - the-sun.co.uk

07 july 2000 -- liam and patsy to split
Patsy Kensit has separated from her Oasis star husband Liam Gallagher, according to a spokesman for the actress. The couple, who have a baby son, Lennon, have been married for three years. There have long been rumours that the relationship was in trouble. The 32-year-old actress has recently been seen without her wedding ring and was spotted on Friday loading up items from the home they shared in north London. The couple confirmed two weeks ago they had put their Primrose Hill house up for sale, fuelling speculation that they were to split. It is not the first time that the pair have separated during their volatile relationship. Kensit left home for a while last year and was said to be in tears most days while filming her movie Janice Beard: 45 WPM because of the upset. In 1998, Liam denied reports that the marriage was in trouble after he allegedly threw his wife out of their home following a drinking session. The row was the culmination of a series of disputes about the singer's alleged womanising and wild man antics - but within weeks they were back together again. The relationship was thought to be on a more even keel after the birth of Lennon last September but the strains became apparent again in recent weeks and this rift appear to be final. A spokesman for the actress said: "Patsy Kensit is sad to state that she has separated from her husband."
He said there would be no further comment about the relationship. Gallagher has been touring with Oasis in Europe during the last few weeks and has been out of the UK for most of the year because of the band's commitments. He has a similarly fragile relationship with his brother Noel. A row between the pair prompted Noel to quit touring with the band for their European dates. It is the third marriage of Kensit's to break down. She was previously married to musician Dan Donovan of Big Audio Dynamite, then Jim Kerr from Simple Minds, with whom she had a son James. That marriage ended in 1996 and the actress wed Gallagher in April 1997. - bbc news

07 july 2000 -- more tickets available for bolton and wembley
Final tickets for the keenly awaited Oasis concerts in Bolton's Reebok stadium and London's Wembley stadium this month have just been released for sale. There are good seats and general admission tickets available for all four dates, plus, in Wembley, a number of Olympic Grandstand seats above the pitch. These last tickets have become available following finalisation of the detailed production plans for the event. Only a limited amount of tickets are available, so early purchasing is advised. Tickets are available from the Oasis Lo-Call Ticketline on 0870 121 0120 and online. Olympic Grandstand tickets are available ONLY through the Wembley box office on 0870 739 9800 - oasisinet.com

06 july 2000 -- best oasis song in the world... ever!
Today it's Heat 2 of our competition which will hopefully answer that eternal question, "What is the best Oasis song?" Heat 1 was won convincingly by Live Forever with a massive 42.3% of the vote and Some Might Say just beat D'You Know What I Mean? to take the runners up position. Both will go through to the Grand Final.

Heat 2 features the Epics, and the voting has already begun! Over the next few weeks will have other heats for the B-sides, the Slowies and the Covers. The winner and runner up from each heat will go through to the grand final, where we will finally know what song is the 'Best Oasis Song In The World... Ever!'. When we get to the final we want to know why you think that song is the best, in 25 words or less! Whoever comes up with the best reason will win a Personalised Gold Disc of the album that the song was featured on.

Cast your vote now on the Competition page ( - oasisinet.com

05 july 2000 -- the brothers grim
Liam Gallagher has maintained that his relationship with brother NOEL is "terrible", accusing him of being a "goalhanger" for only playing the band's UK shows on their current European tour. Speaking in an interview recorded in Zurich at the end of May for the new issue of Q Magazine, Liam said the state of his relationship with brother Noel is: "terrible, terrible". When asked how he feels about the band’s forthcoming UK dates with Noel, due to start in Dublin on Saturday (July 8), Liam said: "I'm not thinking about them...we'll see what happens....if he turns up. Goalhanger!" Elsewhere in the interview, Liam confesses the reason Noel walked out of the tour was because of an ongoing argument about solo albums, not his drinking. He said: "I was doing interviews, and I'm hearing this solo shit. It's bollocks...I don't want to be hearing about it. Just fucking do it and get it over and done with, but I don't want to hear about it.
"I've got my family and I've got this band, and I don't need anything else. So for him to be committing to some solo thing pisses me off because he should be just solid, thinking about this band...I don't think about anything else, except this band, me wife and me kids, and the people in the band. And he's fuckin' thinkin' about solo albums. So we had a little barney. We had a little bit of a scrap, and he got his ball and went home." When asked if Oasis would carry on without Noel, Liam was adamant they could. He continued: "There might be a couple of different heads in there, but yeah. This band is better than it's ever been. What we're getting together is great." In other Oasis news, the band are to combat the threat of ticket touts for Noel Gallagher's comeback show at Dublin Lansdowne Road this Saturday (July 8) by releasing a further 1,000 tickets for the gig. The tickets go on sale nationwide at 9am tomorrow morning (6 July). Some tickets are also still available via the band's official website www.oasisinet.com. - nme.com

05 july 2000 -- oasis back togeter for new album
Liam and Noel Gallagher are to put their feud behind them to record a new album. Noel, who walked out on the band mid European tour last month, is rejoining Oasis this Saturday for their Dublin concert after enjoying a break in Ibiza. "We're gonna do a new album before Christmas and record it really quickly," says Liam. "We'll bang it out in a month and it'll be out in January." - dotmusic.co.uk

04 july 2000 -- liam looks to low-key future for oasis
Liam Gallagher has hinted that low-key OASIS gigs could be on the cards for the UK later this year. Speaking in Top Of The Pops magazine, he said he was yearning for a return to smaller, more intimate venues: "We’re gonna do some at Christmas, places like Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham - just for the crack. We can do what we want. We’re gonna do a lot of things we’ve never done before ‘cos we feel it’s the right time to do it with this band. I think we’re better in smaller venues. "Our sound can make Wembley Stadium feel like a small gig without a doubt, but I’d still prefer to do small ones. I just wanna do everything now." He has also reinforced his belief that Oasis are first and foremost a live band, and ripped into former members - and possibly errant brother Noel at the same time, saying: "When you just wanna make music, put it in the shop then sit on your arse collecting the money, and not playing to people, then you shouldn’t be in this fucking band. This band has always toured and it always will do. They didn’t wanna tour so they had to go - goodbye."
And, while nme.com understands are there are no definite dates as yet to return to the studio, he also claimed the band hoped to tie up their next album before the end of the year and release it in January. "We’re gonna do a new album before Christmas and record it really quickly. We’ve got all the songs done and we’ve been rehearsing them, so we know what we’re doing. We’ll just get in there, bang it out in a month and it’ll be out in January." Speaking about his recent meeting with Yoko Ono in New York, he commented: "We had a great chat and she’s a great woman. People say she split up The Beatles, but that’s [expletive "bleeped" in print]. No woman can do that. How can you blame it on a woman? It’s four guys - they split themselves up. My wife couldn’t split Oasis up, Noel‘s wife couldn’t and [laughing] Andy Bell‘s boyfriend couldn’t!" He also launched into a rant about the divinity of John Lennon, saying: "To me, John Lennon means more than Jesus and his music does more than any fucking god. I don’t believe in all that ‘God‘s creatures’ shit - how can you tell? Were you there? What was the last album God did?"
He also declared BBC sitcom ‘The Royle Family’ "the most rock ‘n’ roll programme ever," reminiscing about his own youth spent glued to the telly: "That’s what I was like when I was a kid. If you’re not like that - sitting round the family table - you’re not a family. And that goes for all walks of life." Oasis play their first gig with Noel Gallagher back in the fold at Lansdowne Road in Dublin on Saturday (July 8), and nme.com will be there to bring bang-up-to-the-minute reports. - nme.com

04 july 2000 -- nme hear noel solo tracks
nme.com has heard three new Noel Gallagher tunes which could end up on his solo album. Titled ‘Getting Older’, ‘Solve My Mystery (Revolution Song)’ and ‘Let That Be Loved’, the songs were recorded by Noel in his home studio around about the time that he was making ‘Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants’. The tracks are all mid-paced, typically epic Gallagher ballads but only one track, ‘Getting Older’, sounds like it has been fully produced. The track ‘Let That Be Loved’ is thought to have been written by Noel for possible inclusion on a future Oasis album. Of what nme.com has heard, it seems that Noel's style is more latter -day Oasis - more ‘Sunday Morning Call’ than ‘Cigarettes And Alcohol’. Noel has also recorded another track, entitled ‘I Gotta Get It Back’, which nme.com has yet to hear.
For the full story on the Noel Gallagher solo material, including lyrics to the new songs, see this week's NME, out in London today (July 4) and nationwide from tomorrow morning (July 5). Anticipation is rising for Noel’s return to the Oasis camp - when the band play Dublin Landsdowne Road on July 8, with support from Supergrass. nme.com can also reveal Doves are to support Oasis for their shows at London Wembley Stadium on July 21-22 and Edinburgh Murrayfield Stadium (29). Doves also appear at this weekend’s T In The Park Festival at Balado, near Kinross, and the Reading and Leeds Carling Weekend Festivals. - nme.com

04 july 2000 -- oasis pull roskilde show
Oasis and the Pet Shop Boys pulled-out of scheduled performances at the Roskilde festival in Denmark on Saturday, just hours after nine men lost their lives watching Pearl Jam. Both bands announced they would not be playing the festival, out of respect to the fans who were killed under the weight of a massive crush at the front of the stage on Friday evening. A spokesman confirmed: 'Oasis and Pet Shop Boys have reacted to the tragic news that nine people lost their lives at last night's Roskilde Festival in Denmark. 'Both bands are due to appear later this evening on the same stage in front of which the tragedy occurred yesterday evening. Oasis and Pet Shop Boys feel that out of respect for those who have died and their families it is inappropriate to go ahead with tonight's performances.'
Both bands also insisted that the area in which the deaths occurred be sealed-off to allow a complete investigation. The spokesman continued: 'Furthermore, they feel that it is essential the area around where the tragedy took place is closed down and isolated to allow the appropriate authorities to fully investigate the causes of the tragedy, and to learn how it can be prevented from ever happening again. 'This is essential for the future confidence in, and safety of, open-air music events of this nature. For the above reasons we urge the promoters of Roskilde to close down activities on the main stage that are planned for the rest of the festival.' American rockers Live followed the lead of the two English bands by also pulling their performance from the festival. More on this story later. - dotmusic

04 july 2000 -- oasis press statement
As the Roskilde Festival promoters have been unable to guarantee an improvement in safety and out of respect to those who have been affected by this tradgey, both Oasis and the Pet Shop Boys have now pulled out of the festival.

Oasis and Pet Shop Boys have reacted to the tragic news that nine people lost their lives at last night's Roskilde Festival in Denmark. Both bands are due to appear later this evening on the same stage in front of which the tragedy occurred yesterday evening. Oasis and Pet Shop Boys feel that out of respect for those who have died and their families it is inappropriate to go ahead with tonight's performances.
Furthermore, they feel that it is essential the area around where the tragedy took place is closed down and isolated to allow the appropriate authorities to fully investigate the causes of the tragedy, and to learn how it can be prevented from ever happening again. This is essential for the future confidence in, and safety of, open air music events of this nature. For the above reasons we urge the promoters of Roskilde to close down activities on the main stage that are planned for the rest of the festival. - oasisinet.com

03 july 2000 -- festival slams bands for pulling out
Organisers of ROSKILDE FESTIVAL in DENMARK have criticised OASIS and PET SHOP BOYS today (July 1) for pulling out of the festival after eight people were crushed to death while Pearl Jam played the main stage last night. Oasis and Pet Shop Boys pulled out of their scheduled performances tonight, as previously reported on nme.com, voicing fears over safety and saying they did so out of respect for the deceased fans and their bereaved families. On the official festival site, www.roskilde-festival.dk, festival organisers criticised their decisions, saying: "By refusing to play for their fans in Roskilde, the festival management feel that the bands are actually causing the fans more of a risk as they will now seek out the other smaller stages. Thus the two sides disagree as to what would cause the greatest risk - going through with the concerts or cancelling, and changing the programme without two of the main attractions...
The authorities have checked the security conditions and preparations and approved them. "The Roskilde Festival management are of the opinion that the bands that decide to follow through with their concerts on the existing and approved conditions show both respect and consideration to the dead, their families and the audience. Despite a string of opposing opinions, the two sides [Oasis, Pet Shop Boys and festival management] agree to communicate their sympathies and condolences to the families and friends of those killed." Meanwhile, several of the artists who chose to go ahead with their performances have paid tribute to the dead rock fans. According to reports on the official festival website, several artists left the stage during their performances to place flowers in front of the stage, where thousands of flowers and candles have already been placed by fellow music fans at the festival. Other bands have dedicated their sets to the victims of the tragedy and their families. - nme.com

02 july 2000 -- kensit discards wedding ring
Rumours that the turbulent marriage of Patsy Kensit and Oasis singer Liam Gallagher is terminally on the rocks were given further fuel this week when Kensit was photographed sans wedding band in Florida. Kensit is in the USA shooting a new £500,000 film production Things Behind The Sun and was reported by The Sun to be emotionally drained and withdrawn as a result of her relationship troubles. The shedding of the wedding ring comes just days after the couple put their £1.5 million London house on the market. Meanwhile Liam Gallagher is back in the UK on a break from Oasis' world tour. Brother Noel, who walked out of the tour at the end of May and has been trading insults with his sibling ever since, has made claims that Liam is "an idiot" and appears to be "losing it". - qonline.co.uk

01 july 2000 -- patsy's missing
Patsy Kensit didn’t return to the North London home she shares with Oasis husband Liam Gallagher after jetting in from America. While Liam remained at the house which the two have put up for sale, Patsy was nowhere to be seen. The couple haven’t spent a single night together for months, which has caused fresh doubts about the state of their marriage. Liam set off for Brussels yesterday to tour with the band and is expected back in Britain next weekend. - thesun.co.uk

01 july 2000 -- uk stadium billing confirmed
The complete line-up for Oasis' UK stadium shows this summer has now been confirmed. As previously announced, Supergrass will join Oasis in Dublin at Lansdowne Road and Happy Mondays and Johnny Marr's Healers will be the special guests at Bolton's Reebok Stadium . For both Wembley shows and Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh the special guests will be Happy Mondays and Doves.

8th July Dublin - Lansdowne Road

15th & 16th July Bolton - Reebok Stadium
Happy Mondays
Johnny Marr's Healers

21st & 22nd July London - Wembley Stadium
Happy Mondays

29th July Edinburgh - Murrayfield Stadium
Happy Mondays

- oasisinet.com

01 july 2000 -- oasis live from brussels
Oasis' performance at Belgiums' Werchter Festival will be broadcast on the internet tonight (30 June). Belgium radio station, Studio Brussels, will broadcast most of the band's set on their website... check it out. Oasis go on stage at 22.35 local time. http://www.studiobrussel.be/ - oasisinet.com